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rock whisperer

Our ever evolving existence is dependant on the support of the earth.We need to find ways to listen to her. When we live in harmony with the rocks they are able to assist us to raise and shift our energy. We are as one with the earth, we are born from her, we survive on her and we go back to her when we leave our bodies. It is time to re-member that there is no separation.

My journey has enabled me to discover simple, powerful and effective ways to combineĀ 
sound, colour, light, crystal energy, frequency and vibration.

Take a tour around my site and meet some of the beautiful crystalline beings that I have been privelidged to assemble.

With the introduction of selected rocks to their personal musical instruments (the forks) they can now sing and be heard and felt by everyone.
As they hummm through the forks and into our being they trigger the dormant clues in the cells of our bodies.
They help us to re-member.

Crystalinne Babies

Singing Rocks

A3 Wall Art


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